1934 Ford 3  Window Coupe - sturdy X-member frame, Mustang front and rear suspensions, small block Ford or Chevy engines, options to your taste ...


    COUPEKIT1.JPG (15925 bytes)    Frarod1.jpg (11384 bytes)

       one piece reinforced fiberglass body                               Jig welded frame-primed

  COUPEKIT4.JPG (8609 bytes)     COUPEKIT6.jpg (9252 bytes)   COUPEKIT10.jpg (6697 bytes)

       Body mounted to frame                       Hanging doors                        sound deaden

      COUPEKIT9.jpg (5685 bytes)                        COUPEKIT8.jpg (5824 bytes)                      COUPEKIT7.jpg (6390 bytes)

  ll panels on car                      Dash/column/pedals            Ready for paint preparation

                       COUPEKIT14.JPG (8665 bytes)

Paint preparation                   .......................  Mustang Laser Red

Coupe15.jpg (7992 bytes)                                                      

     Starting Interior installation                                      Final engine installation

          ABSHERA.JPG (8443 bytes)                ABSHER1A.JPG (7792 bytes)       

       details before test drive                             Cruising ..........  are you ?


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