1957 Ford Convertible -   this is a special project that is merging the best of three worlds. A clean 57 Fordor car, a lost to rust and decayed 57 Ford Convertible, and a 2003 Mercury Gran Marquis.  The project will progress to completion of a 1957 Ford Convertible visibly correct in every way, but sitting upon a narrowed and lengthened 2003 Gran Marquis chassis with 4.6L SOHC 32 valve engine, AODE transmission, Lincoln watts linkage rear suspension, ABS 4 wheel disc brakes, PS, cruise, AC-heat-defrost...more.  This will be a drive anywhere good looking 57 Ford Convertible

our goal - but modernized


reinforcing rocker for Convertible loads                     test fitting joining of body parts


inner rockers rebuilt and boxed reinforced


cowl positioned and stabilized


  body fitted to chassis- sheet metal repair begun




all lower sheet metal replaced


          4 wheel ABS Disc brakes               Watts Linkage rear suspension-police interceptor springs


sand blasted floor




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