1957 Ford Retractable -   our earlier restoration refurbished and completed, body removed from frame, 292 cid engine remanufactured, Ford-o-matic automatic rebuilt, all new brake lines and hardware, complete suspension refurbish, new radiator, alternator conversion  

57A.JPG (10041 bytes)   57B.JPG (14570 bytes)   57C.JPG (10894 bytes)

  In the beginning.........            chassis/suspension refurbished                dash stripped

57D.JPG (13640 bytes)                                        57F.JPG (11198 bytes) 

       dash refurbished                                                   where we ended in    1983                   

Starting over again ..with aftermarket  new radial wide whites, base/clearcoat paint, rechromed bumpers, reupholstery and carpet, glass    much more......

  57G.JPG (7582 bytes)                         57I.JPG (17379 bytes)

           starting here                                                body repair completed


Coming:  fresh paint, new carpet-upholstery, wide white radials, new chrome bumpers,  new exhaust more.....


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