Bob's 34 Ford Coupe - Innovative Street Machines kit, Ford 302-4V, Ford AOD transmission, 3.45 gears,   Mustang Laser Red paint, Air-Tique AC, PS, PB, AM-FM-CD, custom wood dash, vintage wire wheels, custom interior w/leather seats...... more.

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     Bare welded ISM frame                      Built frame with floor sections                     

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          Prepped body                            Placing Body on frame         Hanging doors

COUPEKIT10.jpg (18203 bytes)               COUPEKIT9.jpg (15571 bytes)           COUPEKIT7.jpg (12310 bytes)

Joined Body & Sound deaden           All panels on body     Ready for paint preparation

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Ready to paint .................                Mustang Laser Red

 Coupe15.jpg (7992 bytes)                          Coupe18a.jpg (7805 bytes)                       ABSHERA.JPG (8443 bytes)

Beginning interior installation            final  installation of engine       final details before test driving

...........FINISHED !    Visit Bob's 34 Coupe to see details

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