Gordon's 34 Coupe - Innovative Street Machines sturdy kit. 350-4V Chevy, TH 700R4 overdrive transmission, Air-Tique AC-Heat-Defrost, remote power windows, PS, PB, Plymouth Prowler Purple exterior, purple/lavender custom interior, custom wood dash,   more ..........

FRAROD1.JPG (11384 bytes)                       34WAITING1.jpg (14904 bytes)

prepared welded frame and body awaiting the assembly process

HOOV1.jpg (21463 bytes)                 HOOV2.jpg (22551 bytes)                   HOOV3.jpg (19837 bytes)

finishing fuel and brake lines              installing   floor sections             main body positioning

HOOV4.jpg (21453 bytes)    HOOV5.jpg (18925 bytes)    HOOV6.jpg (18760 bytes)  HOOV7.jpg (21001 bytes)

finalizing body attachments               fitting/hanging doors              welding inner steel cage

   HOOV8.jpg (19182 bytes)                                   HOOV9.jpg (19012 bytes)  

        structure complete                             block sanding body for paint

HOOV13.JPG (45087 bytes)

body painted - final assembly begun

HOOV19.JPG (48969 bytes)

final product ........ Gordon is cruising.... are you ?

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