Jack's Lamborghini IFG/WARLOCK 25th Anniversary kit, Fiero GT, V6, AC, power door releases, much more.   After getting a disappointing start with 2 separate builders and eventual dead end after 2 years on his project, and being told by  "self annointed media experts" that the quality was so poor that the car could not be completed ....Jack brought it to us with a plea "can it be finished"  ?  Our answer was, "of course".

  Watch what people who know what they are doing can accomplish !

  COBB3.jpg (17259 bytes)                        Cobb6.jpg (6820 bytes) 

                           Constructing body                                     Preparing  for paint

 Cobb7.jpg (6607 bytes)                                   Cobb9.jpg (9469 bytes)  

          painted GM Code 12 White Base/Clear coat            Installing components

Cobb10.jpg (11342 bytes)    Cobb11.jpg (8163 bytes)   Cobb12.jpg (9855 bytes)

    Dash installation                          windshield                             Door glass

Cobb13.jpg (16537 bytes)  Cobb17.jpg (7810 bytes) Cobb16.jpg (6374 bytes)

almost finished ... boy were the so called "experts" dead wrong.  This is a good looking IFG product that anybody would be proud to own and drive.  Jack certainly is proud of it and so are we.

Proof of the pudding .....

January 10, 1999 -  two weeks after delivery, Jack's Lamborghini wins      "Best Handbuilt Sports Car" award at the famous World Of Wheels Car Show

February 14, 1999 - Jack wins again "Best Handbuilt Sports Car" two out of two.

May 28, 1999 - Jack takes a first place trophy at the 5th Annual Spring River Run.

Cobb20.jpg (17261 bytes)      Cobb21.jpg (10791 bytes)

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