Although most of our clients don't compete with their cars at show events, some do.  This page has  photos of client's cars built by Specialty Autoworks, Inc. who have reported that they have won an honor(s) at a car show.  They are proud.... we are proud for them.


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Alan L.                     Holden W                       Jack D.                      Terry   C.                        Steve R.       

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               Bruce   L.                     Joe B.                        David S.                     Red W.                     Todd  A       

GUARNIERI1.JPG (4270 bytes)       Koch2.jpg (4270 bytes)         Gwinn2.jpg (4149 bytes)        Cobb13a.jpg (3762 bytes)      HACKCSA.JPG (5435 bytes)

      John G.                         B.   Koch                    Rick G                       Jack C.                     Joe   H.     

AUGIE19.JPG (15884 bytes)    REESE4.jpg (14876 bytes)    BART10.JPG (34288 bytes)   HARD27.JPG (33301 bytes)   EVANS9.JPG (52440 bytes) 

 Augie  L.                  Dick R.                       Dick  B.                        Charles  H.                        Frank  E.


David H.                          Jim  H.                       Jeff  H.                          Ron  K.                   Rod  R.


          Bill B.                              Gordon H.                            Don K.                     Doug B.


John H. (best of show)      Donnie and Paula




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