David's 34 Ford Coupe - Innovative Street Machines "Street Beasts" rock solid kit, Chevy 350cid  305hp engine, TH700R4 overdrive transmission, Mustang Laser red body color, Air-Tique AC-Heat-Defrost, remote PW, PS, PB, Alpine AM-FM-CD, Custom Wheels,  Rumble seat, custom wood dash, custom fabric interior, ..........more

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Prepared body waiting for chassis                  Rumble seat frame  being welded

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 Body attached to completed frame      Rumble seat area ready fordecklid       Body Structure complete

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super quality fitting  wide opening doors

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heading out for the Mustang Laser Red Paint                  fresh out of the paint booth 

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final engine positioning  and  interior sound deadening         back from the muffler shop

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        power windows                                very busy behind dash - but it covers up nicely

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getting close to a test drive                             upholstering the rumble seat area

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heading for new home

Home Up

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