Dick's 33 Ford Vicky -  ISM kit, Chevy 350-4V   V8, 700R4, 3.73 Gear, PS, PB, Air-Tique AC-Heat-Defrost, AM-FM-CD, our exclusive vicky trunk lid and storage area, pearl white paint

FRAROD1.JPG (11384 bytes)                     CABRIOLETS.jpg (9983 bytes)

                 ISM super tough frame                 lined up for 350-4V  V8 engine and door hanging

                        BART2.jpg (11485 bytes) 

rear opening storage area                                 fold down/up seat for deep storage 

V8 power - pearl white - wire wheels - extra room  what more could you ask for ?


              BART7.JPG (34134 bytes)                    BART5.JPG (35690 bytes)

  extra storage


                  BART3.JPG (31127 bytes)            BART4.JPG (37814 bytes)

real comfort                                              easy entry



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