Paul's 34 Ford Coupe - assembled using an Innovative Street Machines "Street Beasts"  replica kit, Ford 280hp 351W 4V engine, AOD transmission, Air-Tique heat-air-defrost, AM-FM-CD, 1999 Prowler Purple base/clearcoat paint, black interior, Cragar SS wheels, PS, PB, tilt,......much more

           34WAITING1.jpg (14904 bytes)

typical frame and bodies awaiting construction

SANG1.jpg (296370 bytes)      

suspension, braking and steering fabrication

SANG2.jpg (196734 bytes)      SANG4.jpg (206569 bytes)

body prepped and awaiting to join chassis             body centered and attached to chassis

SANG5.jpg (202098 bytes)     SANG6.jpg (207426 bytes)

body construction completed ...begin preparation for paint

SANG8.jpg (171455 bytes)      SANG7.jpg (173922 bytes)

heading for the paint booth...Prowler Purple

351W engine installation 



wiring and air conditioning



What's next:    test drive...send it home

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