Russ' 34 Ford Cabriolet - assembled using an Innovative Street Machines "Street Beasts" stylized body kit, 350 Chevy with Holley 144 Supercharger ( look out !!), beefed TH700R4 automatic transmission, power four wheel disc brakes, 8.8" Mustang rear axle, 3.73 gears, Mustang II front suspension with disc, PS, remote PW, Air-Tique AC-Heat-Defrost, AM-FM-CD with shuttle, our exclusive "hide-a-way" convertible top and rumble seat, tilt column shift, much more to come ..............

    FRAROD1.JPG (11384 bytes)                34WAITING.jpg (12683 bytes)

BARK3.JPG (6558 bytes)               BARK4.JPG (11655 bytes)

typical body and frame being prepped and awaiting assembly


BARK7.jpg (526937 bytes)                     BARK5.JPG (8645 bytes)    BARK6.JPG (7366 bytes)

chassis under preparation            pre-position body for engine/rumble seat clearances                 

 BARK8.jpg (203755 bytes)   BARK9.jpg (220804 bytes)                             BARK2.jpg (14011 bytes)

final body mounting - door hanging        off to the painter for a Mocha Frost-Brown Metallic two tone

back from the paint booth... now the fun begins


Holley 144 supercharger- 750 double pumper - Lunati special grind camshaft





test driving

Why is Russ so happy ?    because he is going to be winding up that supercharger tonight...

 are you  ??

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