William and Sarah's 34Ford Vicky assembled using a Innovative Street Machines "Street Beasts" stylized 34 Ford Vicky kit, House of Kolors Sunset Pearl, Ford 392 stroker (351W), Victor Jr. aluminum heads, roller cam and rockers, 500+ hp, AOD automatic overdrive, AM-FM-CD, AC-heat-defrost, PS, PB, remote PW, Torq Thrust II wheels, custom interior, storage trunk... much more see for yourself 



body being prepared                               fitted to chassis                             doors being hung


 trunk door cut out                      storage area prepared                            structure complete


 heading for paint shop                              back from paint shop "Sunset Pearl"



                                                                          installing the engine


  rear disc brakes                      HPC coated front tubular suspension     Lambert's flush LED tail lights

interior installation




fini !




Home Up

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